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Factory Direct Manual Transmissions

Established in 1996, Midwest Transmission Inc. is a manufacture of Factory Direct Manual Transmissions. We are a leader in the industry, and we provide the best quality full-line of (domestic, international, 4×4, 4×2, Front Wheel Drive (FWD) and Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) New and Rebuilt manual Transmissions and Parts.

Often times, manual transmissions have a movable gear shifter and a drive operated clutch system. It is a well-known fact that manual transmissions give total vehicle control to the driver. Better gas mileage and better driving experience are achieved when using both hands and legs to control the car compared to automatic. Manual transmissions improve speed of shifting gears and deliver instant gear change response, which is handy when overtaking a vehicle.

Manual transmissions are commonly know to preserve their value compared to automatics. All our manual transmissions are built in a top-notch facility to deliver solid manufacturing with the best-experienced experts in transmission repair and rebuilding. We test our complete line of manual transmission with dyno testing to ensure high built-in quality before we transport them out of the manufacturing facility.

Worn out manual transmissions can be hazardous to you and your vehicles capability to enable you to get from point A to point B. Damaged transmissions display noise (bearing wining), grinding going into gear, challenging to get into gear(worn or damaged syncro rings or sliders) even vibrations. Keep up with the correct amount of manual transmission oil to keep it lubricated and also to prevent damage

We can provide New Manual Transmissions the following:

Select a link below and see whats available to save you some money!

  • AX5 Jeep – AX5 Jeep 5 Speed Manual Transmissions
  • M5R1 Ford Mazda – M5R1 New Manual Transmissions
  • M5R2 Ford Mazda – M5R2 New Manual Transmissions
  • Muncie 282 GM – Muncie 282 New Manual Transmission
  • NV3500 Chevrolet Dodge – NV3500 HM290 Manual Transmissions
  • NV3550 Jeep – NV3550 5 Speed Rebuilt Manual Transmissions
  • AMC Eagle F5M33 – Parts Illustration F5M22 F5M31 F5M33 Manual Transmission
  • F5M33 – Parts Illustration F5M22 F5M31 F5M33 Manual Transmission
  • Chrysler Dodge A578 – Parts Illustration A578 NV & T350 Manual Transmission
  • NP435 – Parts Illustration NP435 Manual Transmission
  • G360 – G360 5 Speed Dodge Diesel Manual Transmissions
  • NV3500 – NV3500 HM290 Manual Transmissions
  • NV4500 – NV4500 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Ford MTX – Parts Illustration Ford MTX5 Manual Transmission
  • T5 – Parts Illustration T5 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • FM145 – Parts Illustration Ford FM145 FM146 KM145 Manual Transmission
  • FM146 – Parts Illustration Ford FM145 FM146 KM145 Manual Transmission
  • M5R1 – M5R1 Ford Mazda Manual Transmissions
  • M5R2 – Parts Illustration M5R1 and M5R2 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • ZF S5-42 – ZF S542 5 Speed Ford Manual Transmission
  • ZF S5-47 – Ford Manual Transmissions ZF S547
  • ZF S6-650 – ZF S650 6 Speed Transmission
  • General Motors Chevrolet M21 – M21 M22 4 Speed Muncie Manual Transmission
  • M22 – M21 M22 4 Speed Muncie Manual Transmission
  • HM282 – Parts Illustration Muncie HM282 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • SM465 – SM465 4 Speed Manual Transmissions
  • NV1500 – Parts Illustration NV3500, NV1500 Manual Transmission
  • Isuzu MSG-5F – Parts Illustration Isuzu 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • MSG5ET – Parts Illustration Isuzu 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Jeep AX4 – AX4 AX5 Jeep Manual Transmissions
  • AX5 – AX4 AX5 Jeep Manual Transmissions
  • AX15 – AX15 5 Speed Jeep Manual Transmissions
  • BA10 – BA10 5 Speed Jeep Manual Transmissions
  • Nissan FS5W71 – Nissan FS5W71 5 Speed Manual Transmissions
  • Toyota W55 – Parts Illustration Toyota W55, W56 and W58 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • W58 – Parts Illustration Toyota W55, W56 and W58 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • G52 – Parts Illustration Toyota AX4, AX5 and G52 Speed Manual Transmission
  • W56 – Parts Illustration Toyota W55, W56 and W58 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Rebuilt Manual Transmissions & Parts for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and many others

  • We provide the following model Manual Transmissions and replacement parts: 3 speed, 4 speed, 5 speed, 6 speed transmissions, Select a link below to see detailed information on units and parts we offer: AMC Eagle F5M33, F5M33, Chrysler Dodge A578, NP435, G360, NV3500, Ford MTX,T5, FM145, FM146, M5R1, M5R2, ZF S5-42, ZF S5-47, ZF S6-650, General Motors Chevrolet M21,M22, HM282, SM465, NV1500, Isuzu MSG-5F, MSG5ET, Jeep AX4, AX5, AX15, BA10, Nissan FS5W71 and Toyota W55, W58, G52 and W56.

Quality Manual Transmission Manufacturing Facility

With a 30,000 square foot facility located in Zumbrota MN our production facility employs 22 trained technicians, along with production, testing, inventory control, shipping and receiving as well as a full staff of customer service experts.

Production last year was 7,500 finished standard transmissions and transfer cases. We have hundreds of finished units in stock ready to ship. We ship worldwide.

Dyno Testing on all Manual Transmission before Leaving the Factory

We supply manual transmission to truck fleet operators, car and pickup dealerships, and individual DYI customers. We specialize in custom transmissions that replace older units with later stronger models. All units are processed through a Dyno test station after the rebuild process to ensure the quality of the manual transmission that you receive. If you have a high horsepower heavy hauling application ask about our cryo treated (Cryogenics is a form of heat treating) shafts and gears to provide the performance you demand.

We have a warehouse full of both new and good take out (used) hard parts, new rebuild kits include all major bearings, gaskets, seal and syncro rings. Give us a call and let us help save you some money! In some cases we can even provide new OE factory production over-runs. Have an automatic transmission requirement just give us a call toll free 1-888-824-2012.

How to get the correct Manual Transmission the first time!

Selecting an option from the buttons below you will be able to search for manual transmission by your vehicle manufacture, model, model year and engine size and view pricing. If you are a shop please select the customer button and input you user name and password, if you are a new shop you will receive an email once you are approved (it’s important to include your shops name). Retail customers select that button; complete the search for the correct manual transmission from there you will be taken to our secure checkout cart. If you need additional information prior to placing the order please call 1-888-824-2012.