Towing and S10, Smoking Transmission

I own a Chevrolet S10 1996 4.3L Manual 4WD


I was towing my s10 and it must have slipped into gear. During a 40 min tow it was not locked up. My late model s10 pulled it just fine than a guy flagged me down once I got back into my town cause smoke was rolling out of the s10 in tow. the smoke was coming out by the shifter shaft. I got in it an shifted it up into neutral. I ended up dropping the drive shaft to tow it the rest of the way. Should I buy another transmission?


Yes unfortunately the pocket bearing would have starved for oil and destroyed the transmission,  We can provide a remanufactured unit with a 12 month factory warranty.

It is always recommend if your going to tow remove the driveshaft or install a driveshaft disconnect.  Order the following:

Part Number MTGM032 its a NV3500 5 speed for the 4.3L 1990 and UP.  Your cost is $1133.33 plus $350 core deposit plus freight. This unit will have a 12 month factory warranty.

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