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new replacement NP246 housingHaving issues diagnosing problems with your NV246 transfer case?

We can help. We have a large inventory of rebuilt NV246 transfer cases plus Transfer Case parts. Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured Transfer Cases are dyno tested before leaving the factory, New Venture Gear for the General Motors and Chevrolet, this transfer case is also sometimes referred to as a NP246.

NV246 Transfer case replacements and parts

The NV246 has a factory engineering defect. The oil circulation pump can wear a hole in the rear case causing loss of lubrication fluid and premature transfer case failure. If you just replace the case this will not solve the problem. The NV246 rear case is manufactured using magnesium, it's soft; the aluminum pumps are harder. We have designed a machined metal protection plate to fix this defect, before this problem arises you should install our Case Saver part number MW52007. A better option is to replace your rear case with the new improved upgraded case shown above. You need to install this part before the oil pump causes your transfer case to fail.

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automatic transmission rebuilt

Free NV246 Transfer Case parts illustration, need help take advantage of our free technical expertise.

Below we provide a NV246 parts illustrations to assist you with the correct identification of the parts you need. Select the parts you require from the following list and give us a call.

Below you will find a detailed list that includes complete rebuilt Transfer Cases, bearing rebuild kits, seals, bushings, washers and bushings, individual bearings, forks, range hub and planets, cases, shafts, chain, sprockets and small parts. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

NV246 NP264 id tag

This information may also be on a paper tag.

Need Stronger Parts?

Midwest Transfer Case can Cryogenic Treat any shaft or gear. This cryo treatment will add 30% in component strength. Call 888-824-2012 for a quote.

Applications Model Years
GM Blazer, Suburban, Tahoe &
Pickup 5.3L
GM Blazer, Suburban, Tahoe & Pickup 5.0L 1998-1999
GM Van 4.3L, 5.3L, 6.5L & 7.5L 1998-Up

Rebuilt Tested NV246 Transfer Cases 12 month warranty

Description Part Number
Your Cost
27 Spline Early 1999-2002 MWTCGM034
29 Spline 1999-2002 MWTCGM043
32 Spline 1999-2002 MWTCGM044
Core Deposit on Above Transfer Cases


Rebuilt Overhaul Bearing Kits NV246 Transfer Case

Description Part Number
Your Cost
NP 246 (GM) 1998 Up TRSBK351
NP 246 (Dodge Except Dakota) TRSBK351A
NP 246 (Dodge Dakota) TBA


Seal Kits, Seals and Bushing, Washers & Filter Parts NV246 Transfer Case

Description Part Number
Your Cost
246 (GM) MWTTSK246
NP 246 (Dodge Except Dakota) MWTTSK136
NP 246 (Dodge Dakota)
Front Output Seal 1998-Up OE MWTGM12547656
Rear Output Seal this is an OE seal MWTNV22507
Extension Housing (2010" OD) 331066
Planet Thrust Washer (Plastic) 411215
PUMP SCREEN (Filter) TRS351012


Bearings NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
211E Main Shaft Bearing (Rear) TRS404220A
210C Clutch Drum Bearing MWTFC69343
267D Input Bearing (Inner) TRS411240
NI Rear Output Shaft Bearing (Center) TRS365240A
NI Rear Output Shaft Bearing (Rear) TRS342210
287D Input Bearing (630" Wide) TRS325287
212E Front Output Shaft Bearing (Rear) (940" Wide) TRS303211A
288E Front Output Shaft Bearing (Front) (630" Wide) TRS325287
250C Main Shaft Bearing (Front) TRS411210
279A Needle Bearing, Shift Cam TRS411279


Shift Forks NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
841B Apply Fork (03-Up) TRS401841
849B Range Fork MWTNV26542
Range Fork MWTNV26542-U
Mode Fork Early 1998-02 MWTNV22459
Mode Fork 2002-Up MWTNV40966
Clutch Apply Fork MWTNV40966
840KB Insert Kit, Range Fork TRS321840K


Range Hub & Planets NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
645D Range Hub TRS492645K
Range Hub MWTNV17982-U
588D Planet (6 Pinion) used with .630" Wide Bearing TRS351588A


Cases NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
760-1 Case Half (Front) (98-02) MWT30597
Case Half (Front) (03-Up) TRS411760B-1
760-2 Case Half (Rear) Original Equipment not Aftermarket Mmagnesium MWTMG620001


Shafts NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
670 Input Shaft 1995-1998 4L80-E 32 Spline MWTGM12547998-R
Input Shaft 1995-1998 4L80-E 32 Spline MWTGM12547998-U
Input Shaft (27 Spline) (used w/ 630" Wide Input Bearing) TRS352670B
Input Shaft (32 Spline) TRS391670
678 Output Shaft (Front) TRS482678


Chain & Sprockets NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
700E Chain (125" Wide) 49 Links (1 Blue Link) MWTCL10-063
700E Chain (1 25" Wide) 49 Links (3 Blue Links) MWTCL10-072
805D Drive Sprocket Driven TTS401805
806E Drive Sprocket Drive TRS401805


Miscellaneous Components NV246 Transfer Case

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
NI Case Protector Plate - Anti Wear (Prevents Pump Lug Wear in Rear Case) MW52007
150C Clutch, Apply Plates TRS482150
118C Clutch, Friction Plates these are High Engery Frictions MWTA411101
$6.00 ea
138C Clutch, Steel Plates MWT12120
$4.00 ea
NI Clutch, Wave Spring (Bottom of Clutch Drum) TRS482850
483A Plug, Drain -Fill TRS482483
626B Shift Cam (03-Up) TRS482626
420B Shift Motor (Rect Plug w/ 2 Pins) (RPO Code NP4) 1999-2002 MWT1237
420B Shift Motor (Rect Plug w/ 6 Pins) (RPO Code NP8) 1998-2005


Core Deposit on above encoder motors
860E Snap Ring, Rear Main Shaft Bearing, Outer TRS482860
436A Speed Sensor MWTGM12376520
970C Spring, Inner Clutch Hub 482970
500 Oil Pump MWTNV16686
Oil Pump Clips Updated MWTGM89059653
775A Stud, Front Case (Metric 105mm) (Coarse / Coarse) TRS492775
012-1E Tube, Oil Pump TRS47530
490A Vent Tube (Plastic) 411490

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nv246 np246 parts list

case saver np246

Transfer Case Chain

transfer case motor

transfer case motor

connector for transfer case motor

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