Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 Transfer Case Conversion P

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998, 5.2L


I have a Full time 4×4 transfer case. I want one with 2 wd 4wd Neutral and 4wd low. Is there one I can bolt in place of the one I have. And what would bee the price if there is.


Our NP242 conversion would be the best avenue to accomplish this

The 242 has a driver’s side front output and centerline rear output. The NP242 features two ranges; a low range gear that is a respectable 2.72-to-1 low and a direct-drive in high range. It features three drive modes; 2wd, full-time 4wd and part-time 4wd, yielding:

  • two-wheel-drive, high (direct-drive)
  • four-wheel-drive, high (48/52 differential torque-biased-drive)
  • four-wheel-drive, high (locked, part-time)
  • neutral
  • four-wheel-drive, low (locked, reduction-drive)

we would need the current tag # off the transfer case in the vehicle to build a transfer case to take its place,

The conversion transfer case would be a bolt in with possibly slight shifter modifications and also the message center and shifter bezel would be incorrect.  Your cost $1000 exchange $250 core deposit  and we would take the NP249 as the core

Your core money will be refunded as soon as the original unit is received and inspected at the factory, case cannot be broken, internals can be toast, must be assembled and drained.

You can qualify for a discount register for first time customer discount on our web site.    Give sales department a call toll free 888-824-2012 they can help with the order.  If you need additional technical information, ask for Scott.