Will a AX15 5 Speed work with Cummins 2.8

I need information on a 2.8 cummins project I am working on. Will  AX 15, 5 speed transmission work with this engine? Answer: We can accomplish this with an adapter kit…(See photo below).  your cost $1399.00 We can supply a brand new Jeep AX15 4×4 for your cost  $1500 outright The transmission will have a […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 Transfer Case Conversion P

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998, 5.2L Question: I have a Full time 4×4 transfer case. I want one with 2 wd 4wd Neutral and 4wd low. Is there one I can bolt in place of the one I have. And what would bee the price if there is. Answer: Our NP242 conversion would […]

1987 Ford Range make Whine & Zoom Noise

Ford Ranger 1987 2.9L 4WD Question; I rebuilt it, and found someone else had rebuilt it before. Everything works great, Shifts good and smooth.. However, I am getting a lot of Whine and ZOOM sound in 1st & 2nd, If you could maybe direct me to which area/Bearing/Bearing pinch is in that area?? Previously, the […]

Part for OLD 1965 Transmission

Question: I am looking for a pair of these synchronizer rings for a 1965 Ford Mustang (6 cyl, 200 cu engine, 3 spd manual transmission): Apparently, they are the same used on Ford Falcons: Answer: Order part number MTCT96-14A HED MUSTANG 4 BOLT TOP COVER 2/3 SYNCRO RINGS your cost $20.00 each

Towing and S10, Smoking Transmission

I own a Chevrolet S10 1996 4.3L Manual 4WD Question: I was towing my s10 and it must have slipped into gear. During a 40 min tow it was not locked up. My late model s10 pulled it just fine than a guy flagged me down once I got back into my town cause smoke […]

Transfer Case in 2000 Dodge

Question: I have a 2000 Dodge 2500, 4WD diesel.  My 2000 ram 4×4 won’t move in reverse with out putting the truck into 4 wheel drive. I had the front differential worked on months before. not sure if it is correct. Mechanic said transfer case is bad. This did not start until I pulled my […]

M5R2 No Speedometer Connection

Question: I have a m5r2 transmission for a 302 ford engine, what speed sensor could you install? Answer: The M5R2 from 1988-1991 had a mechanical speedometer gear in the tail housing of the transmission. If you do not have a speedometer port the transmission you have must be a 1992 or newer? That being said […]

Diagnosing a shifting problem with manual transmission

I have a Ford Ranger 2010 with 4.0lt manual 4WD. Question: I recently replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder, pilot and throw-out bearing on my ford ranger, because 1st and second gear were getting difficult to shift into, especially when from a stop (1st gear/reverse). After extensive bleeding and verifying the slave is fully […]

Problem with Dodge Dakota 2001 Manual Transmission

Question: I have a Dodge Dakota 2001 3.6lt 2WD i have a aluminum case its a NV 1500 5 speed manual transmission , my problem is 5th & reverse gears ,i took off stick and by visual aluminum sleeve fork broken in the center can see the other broken part further in housing ? Im […]

Interchange transfer case in

Question: Can I put a NP263xhd in place of a NP261HD vehicle is 2001 2500hd 6.0 NV4500 5 speed Answer: Yes this could be done but the NV263 is electric shift so without adding the switch, module, shift motor ext there would be no way to shift the transfer case.  May be able to track […]