AX15 Can It Be Updated?

Question: I have an older AX15 (1989) is it possible to update this to say a 97 version? Larger input shaft, external beaing release, updated 5th gear and syncros? Thanks for the input, Bill Answer: Yes upgrade is possible, routinely done.  We can supply the following parts for your project: Front bearing retainer part number […]

Jeep AX15 Transmission Rebuild

I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler 4.2L Question:  I am having shifting problems and some bearing noise with my AX15, its time to rebuild this unit can you tell me the correct bearing overhaul kit part number that includes syncro rings.  Is a small parts kit available for this transmission? Answer: The correct  part number […]

Replace your AX15 or BA10 Jeep Dodge 5 Speed

Upgrade your AX15 4wd transmission to the Tremec 3550, this is the same 5 speed transmission that is standard in the brand new Jeep Liberty designs. Use your current clutch and drive line..In 2000 Chrysler/Jeep’s Wrangler designs utilized the New Venture NV3550 manual 5 speed tranny as an alternative for that Toyota developed AX15. This […]

AX15 Dodge Jeep

AX15 Dodge Jeep.