1999 Ford F350 4WD 7.3lt

I have a 1999 Ford F350 4WD 7.3lt Questions: Does this kit BK486WS come with the needle bearings or are they separate? What would total price be with bearing kit with syncro  BK486WS a new input shaft 1319-202-026  all needle bearings if not included in the kit,  and all roll pins for the shift forks? Also I if i bought […]

G360 Spline Count

I have a Dodge W250 1993 5.9 4WD Manual Getrag 360 Question: What is the correct input shaft (spline count)? for the Cummins Diesel 5.9 with a Getrag 360 4×4 3/4 ton Answer: The input shaft on the transmission is 1.250 10 spline The transfer case behind the G360 would be 29 spline If you […]

I have a Ford Bronco Custom 1989, 5.0L 1/2 to manual transmission 4WD Question: I have been fixing up a 1989 Bronco Custom that has passed through a few hands before me, with little to no history of what to has been done on it in the past except that a “new” transmission was put […]


Ford ZF S650 Six Speed Question

Question:: I am interested in purchasing a 2006 Ford F550 with a 6.0 diesel, four wheel drive, ZF6 manual transmission, and a manual shift transfer case. The seller has stated that it will not go into 2nd or 3rd gear. I have not actually drove the truck, because it is further away than I can […]

Ford Diesel verses Gas Transmission Strength

I have a 1997 Ford 7.3 F350 4WD.  I intend to use a 460 gas 5 speed trans adapted to a 24 valve cummins engine, are the gears, syncro’s etc as strong in a gas trans as in a diesel? Answer: The ratios are different but yes they are as strong See the parts we offer […]

Ford Ranger 1992 Trans Problem

I have a Ranger 1992 4.0L 4WD Question:My neighbor and I are feeling ambitious; it was ran without oil, the bearing on the input shaft got really hot and the input shaft twisted off. We’ve decided to repair vice get one from the junkyard; it’s a 92, what have I got to lose? We’ve got […]

Short Through Shifter for Chevrolet 2001 6.6L

I have a 3/4 ton Chevrolet Silverado 6.6L manual transmission 4WD. Question:  I was wondering if I could use a ford zf shifter stub assembly in my chevy. Just the stub and “square ring” with the two pins going through it. will that fit in my gm stub top half assembly. I know ones 6 […]

Clicking Noise 1989 Blazer

I have a Chevrolet Blazer 1989 with 5.7L Automatic 4WD Pickup. Question: It has the TH700-R4 and standard transfer case NP241C. I have started hearing a clicking sound when driving. Same sound as if a small stone is pressed into the tire. The sound is not loud. Slow speed and window down and it can […]

Driveshaft for 1994 Mercedes SL320

I have a 1994 Mercedes SL320. Question:  ; I am interested in replacing the . My question is what all is included with your drive shaft, and will it require any assembly before installation? Answer:   We can provide the driveshaft that you need. In order to quote and exact price we need the Vin # […]

650 Horsepower Chevy Duramax

Checkout this 650 Horsepower Chevrolet Duramax. Need performance drivetrain parts call Proven Force 800-4440755 we can help you.