BW4473 Chevrolet Express GM Savana Van Transfer Case

BW4473 Chevrolet Express GM Savana Van Transfer Case

Midwest Transmission an automotive parts rebulider and re-manufacturer can help you with your BW4473

Below you will find a detailed list of parts for your BW4473 Transfer Case that includes rebuilt re-manufactured BW4473 Transfer Cases, a complete parts list including: bearing rebuild kits, gaskets, seals, chain, and cases housings. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

Midwest transmission has been in the automotive re-manufacturing and rebuilding business for 19 years, and ships completed units world wide. We specialize in manual transmissions, automatic transmission and transfer cases. We can help with improving performance and conversions. To improve quality Midwest was one of the first companies to include dyno testing of manual transmission prior to shipping as a final step in the quality control process. Our factory with 22 employees shipped over 9000 units last year. Guaranteed quality, correct parts supplied and expert help with every step in the process. You can see the complete line of products that we offer

Take advantage of our BW4473 free expertise!

Having issues diagnosing problems with your BW4473 transfer case? We can help with free knowledgeable technical support! To speak to a Drivetrain Expert or to place an order call us toll free 888-824-2012. We have a large inventory of rebuilt BW4473 transfer cases plus Transfer Case parts. Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured transfer cases are tested before leaving our factory to ensure quality, saving you both time and money!

Our rebuilt transfer Cases include all new bearings, gaskets, seals, chains clutch and viscous couplers where used. These units are tested before leaving the factory.

About the BW4473

The BW4473 transfer case was manufactured by Borg Warner. This model is AWD chain driven and is provided in Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana Vans. The RPO code for the BW4473 is NP3, it’s a single speed full time all wheel drive unit. This unit has a single operating mode 4 high full time, recommend fluid is Dexron VI.

Potential problems with the BW4473 Transfer Case

This unit can have issues with case failure caused by out of balance driveshafts, at the first sign of vibration it is time to get the driveline inspected, repaired and high speed balanced before case failure. High mileage will contribute to failure of the range hub, range fork and input shaft, this failure is exhibited by the unit popping out of gear. Another problem associated with the BW4473 transfer case is the snap ring on the rear output shaft failing, this can be easily repaired by installing a specially designed snap ring or snap ring retainer, it is a good idea to fix this problem before you have a failure. Excessive slip yoke wear can cause leakage of the fluid, watch for signs of fluid on the driveway, you can replace the rear extension housing bushing, seal and slip yoke to fix this problem. Wen researching the BW4473 you will see a lot of chatter about wide input bearing verses narrow bearing, here is what you need to know: the wide bearing is .940 and is part number BD50-8, the narrow bearing is .630 and part number is 6010N. It is a good idea to check your input bearing number prior to ordering any parts.

If you have purchased your vehicle used the very first order of business is to double check the tire diameters. Used car dealers may have mismatched the tires to make the sale. Mismatched tires will cause the BW4473 transfer case to fail. Recommended fluid for the BW4473 transfer case is automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

The correct quality parts the first time!

In addition to a rebuilt 12 month warrantied BW4473 transfer cases we offer all parts required to rebuild your unit, we have new parts and per your request we can provide good used takeout parts to save you money! Part identification can be a problem and knowing just what parts need to be replaced is an issue, we can help by identification of associated parts that should be replaced when one part fails. Take advantage of our expertise! Buy parts from Midwest Transmission Center and receive free telephone expertise to assist you in diagnosing the problem, part(s) required and additional phone assistance when you are in the re-assembly processes if required. We have a large inventory of rebuilt BW4473 transfer cases plus Transfer Case parts. Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured Transfer Cases are tested before leaving the factory. Save yourself time and money!

We can assist you with the correct identification of the parts you need, don’t see what you need just give us a call 888-824-2012.

Applications Model Years
Chevy GM Van 1500 and 2500 AWD 2003-Up

Need Stronger Parts?

Cryogenic Treat any shaft or gear. This cryo treatment will add 30% in component strength. Call 888-824-2012 for a quote.

This information tag is located on rear of transfer case near where the driveshaft exits. Please supply the assembly number when ordering a replacement.

Rebuilt BW4473 Transfer Cases 12 Month Warranty

Year Model # Part Number Application Model Notes Core Your Cost
2003–Up BW4473 TCGM051 Express 1500, 2500 Van 27 Spline input, rear slip yoke, female spline front output AWD $500.00 $2126.67

Rebuilt Bearing Kits BW4473 Overhaul Transfer Case

Description Part Number Your Cost
Bearing Rebuild Kit TRSBK4473 $115.95

Seals BW4473 Transfer Case

Description Part Number Your Cost

Cases & Housings BW4473 Transfer Case

Description Part Number Your Cost
Case Half Front GM19178324-U $300.00

Chains & Sprockets BW4473 Transfer Case

Description Part Number Your Cost
Chain 1.25″ Wide, 84 Pins, 7/16″ Pitch, Rocker Pins CL10–076 $158.59