Interchange transfer case in

Question: Can I put a NP263xhd in place of a NP261HD vehicle is 2001 2500hd 6.0 NV4500 5 speed Answer: Yes this could be done but the NV263 is electric shift so without adding the switch, module, shift motor ext there would be no way to shift the transfer case.  May be able to track […]

Cummins automatic transfer case

Question: Will a 1990 Cummins Automatic np205 transfer case bolt to a 96 Cummins NV4500 Transmission without an adapter? Answer: Yes it will as long as the NV4500 has the 23 spline mainshaft in it and you would use everything from the automatic witch is adaptor and coupling sleeve

NP205 Transfer Case Bearing Issue

Question: Howdy, looking to rebuild my transfer case, thus looking at your rebuild kits. The problem is when I shift into low range 4 wheel, I get a grinding noise and it won’t engage or will pop out real quick if it did engage. 4 wheel high seems fine. So any info as to what […]

Stronger NV4500

Question: Hello I’m in search of a stronger nv4500 transmission for my truck. It’s a turbocharged LSX engine and was wondering what you guys have to offer? I can rebuild the one I have now but would need all the cryogenic internals and don’t know of it would be better to buy the trans from […]

NV4500 & NV241D Conversion

Question: Perhaps you can help me with some information or a source for it.  I just installed an NV4500 and NV241d from 1999 Dodge Ram diesel into a 1995 Dodge Ram diesel.  Standard cab, eight foot bed.  The trans came with the front drive shaft. The rear slip yoke is a smaller diameter (it came […]

NV246 Transfer Case

Question: I have a 1999 4WD Automatic Chevy Silverado in which the 4 wheel drive service light is on. It will not engage to the 4 wheel drive. I like to know what that would be causing that. I also like to know what kind of transfer case I have as well. Answer: This is […]

Rebuilt Transfer Case

Question: I’ve just rebuilt the Transfer case after “notorious rub” issue (152,000 mile) output shaft will not turn by hand. Need to know is this normal before reinstall on the truck…? Answer: The output shaft should turn by hand, when in the transfer case is in 2WD, the input and rear output should turn together. […]

What Lubricant to Use for Saginaw Manual 3-Speed

Question: My Camaro is a 1968 model, it has a Saginaw manual 3-speed. I need to drain and replace the lubricant — can you tell me what weight lube to use? Thank you. By the way, in case it matters, I use the car for street driving only, no racing. Answer: 80W90W Gear Lube is recommended […]

Upgrade Your Transfer Case

Vehicle Manufacturer: Chevrolet Vehicle Model: Suburban Vehicle Year: 1991 Engine Size: 5.7l Transmission Type: Automatic Pickup Size: 3/4 Ton Drive: 4 Wheel Drive Comments/Questions: I would like to double my transfer case, currently running the 241c. I would like to change to a gear driven transfer case, however I do not know which would work […]

NP205 Customization

Question: Hi, I am looking for an NP205 to put behind a GM 4×4 NV4500 for my project truck. I think the simplest option would be a customization round pattern, 32 spline input with an Advance Adapters spacer. I think these were used with the TH400 transmission. Is this transfer case one that you can […]