Transfer Case in 2000 Dodge

Question: I have a 2000 Dodge 2500, 4WD diesel.  My 2000 ram 4×4 won’t move in reverse with out putting the truck into 4 wheel drive. I had the front differential worked on months before. not sure if it is correct. Mechanic said transfer case is bad. This did not start until I pulled my […]

M5R2 No Speedometer Connection

Question: I have a m5r2 transmission for a 302 ford engine, what speed sensor could you install? Answer: The M5R2 from 1988-1991 had a mechanical speedometer gear in the tail housing of the transmission. If you do not have a speedometer port the transmission you have must be a 1992 or newer? That being said […]

T5 Non World Class ratio change

Question: I have a Camaro T5, serial number 1352-061.  It is NWC, for ’84 V6 Camaro. I would like to change the 5th gear ratio from 0.78 to something lower.  0.72 or 0.68 would be great! I read the 5th gears for Chevys are interchangeable.  Is there a way for me to get the 0.72/0.68/0.63 […]

4 Speed Conversion to 5 Speed 1978 C Chevrolet

I have a Chevy C20 1978, 427 manual transmission 4WD. Question: The truck has 4 spd trans w/granny gear 17m 465452 / 3901131 trans # i believe out of 78 blazer, ins 66 chevy p/u w blazer frame engine 427 tall deck w/ 3.73 gears.  I would like to upgrade trans to taller gears instead […]

Ford ZF S650 Six Speed Question

Question:: I am interested in purchasing a 2006 Ford F550 with a 6.0 diesel, four wheel drive, ZF6 manual transmission, and a manual shift transfer case. The seller has stated that it will not go into 2nd or 3rd gear. I have not actually drove the truck, because it is further away than I can […]

5 Speed Conversion 300zx Project from Pathfinder

Question: I had a question and was hoping you could help me answer it. I’m doin an ls swap into one of my cars, and rather than spend $3,000 on a t56, one of my friends told me about using the 5 speed from a 300zx (z32) and buying the adapter which will be much […]

BA 10/5 manual transmission for a 1988 Jeep Wrangler or the conversion kit and transmission

Question: I work for Regency Chrysler in 100 Mile House BC Canada.  I am looking for a BA 10/5 manual transmission for a 1988 Jeep Wrangler or the conversion kit and transmission. I am wondering if you are able to ship to Canada. Answer we can provide a kit that includes a brand new AX15 […]

Ford Diesel verses Gas Transmission Strength

I have a 1997 Ford 7.3 F350 4WD.  I intend to use a 460 gas 5 speed trans adapted to a 24 valve cummins engine, are the gears, syncro’s etc as strong in a gas trans as in a diesel? Answer: The ratios are different but yes they are as strong See the parts we offer […]

Diagnosing a shifting problem with manual transmission

I have a Ford Ranger 2010 with 4.0lt manual 4WD. Question: I recently replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder, pilot and throw-out bearing on my ford ranger, because 1st and second gear were getting difficult to shift into, especially when from a stop (1st gear/reverse). After extensive bleeding and verifying the slave is fully […]

Problem with Dodge Dakota 2001 Manual Transmission

Question: I have a Dodge Dakota 2001 3.6lt 2WD i have a aluminum case its a NV 1500 5 speed manual transmission , my problem is 5th & reverse gears ,i took off stick and by visual aluminum sleeve fork broken in the center can see the other broken part further in housing ? Im […]