AX15 Can It Be Updated?


I have an older AX15 (1989) is it possible to update this to say a 97 version? Larger input shaft, external beaing release, updated 5th gear and syncros?

Thanks for the input, Bill


Yes upgrade is possible, routinely done.  We can supply the following parts for your project:

  • Front bearing retainer part number 4636382 your cost $93.60
  • Input Shaft part number 4636370-R your cost is $105.52
  • Bearing rebuild kit part number MWT-163B (no rings) your cost $190.06
  • Syncro Ring 5th updated late part number 4637533 your cost $12.67
  • 5th Gear Update Kit 47T includes 5th gear, keys and springs part number 462585K your cost $77.77

Shipping charges will be added.

You can see the other AX15 parts we can provide on our site at