1999 Ford F350 4WD 7.3lt

I have a 1999 Ford F350 4WD 7.3lt Questions: Does this kit BK486WS come with the needle bearings or are they separate? What would total price be with bearing kit with syncro  BK486WS a new input shaft 1319-202-026  all needle bearings if not included in the kit,  and all roll pins for the shift forks? Also I if i bought […]

G360 Spline Count

I have a Dodge W250 1993 5.9 4WD Manual Getrag 360 Question: What is the correct input shaft (spline count)? for the Cummins Diesel 5.9 with a Getrag 360 4×4 3/4 ton Answer: The input shaft on the transmission is 1.250 10 spline The transfer case behind the G360 would be 29 spline If you […]

I have a Ford Bronco Custom 1989, 5.0L 1/2 to manual transmission 4WD Question: I have been fixing up a 1989 Bronco Custom that has passed through a few hands before me, with little to no history of what to has been done on it in the past except that a “new” transmission was put […]


Will a AX15 5 Speed work with Cummins 2.8

I need information on a 2.8 cummins project I am working on. Will  AX 15, 5 speed transmission work with this engine? Answer: We can accomplish this with an adapter kit…(See photo below).  your cost $1399.00 We can supply a brand new Jeep AX15 4×4 for your cost  $1500 outright The transmission will have a […]

AX15 Can It Be Updated?

Question: I have an older AX15 (1989) is it possible to update this to say a 97 version? Larger input shaft, external beaing release, updated 5th gear and syncros? Thanks for the input, Bill Answer: Yes upgrade is possible, routinely done.  We can supply the following parts for your project: Front bearing retainer part number […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 Transfer Case Conversion P

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998, 5.2L Question: I have a Full time 4×4 transfer case. I want one with 2 wd 4wd Neutral and 4wd low. Is there one I can bolt in place of the one I have. And what would bee the price if there is. Answer: Our NP242 conversion would […]

1987 Ford Range make Whine & Zoom Noise

Ford Ranger 1987 2.9L 4WD Question; I rebuilt it, and found someone else had rebuilt it before. Everything works great, Shifts good and smooth.. However, I am getting a lot of Whine and ZOOM sound in 1st & 2nd, If you could maybe direct me to which area/Bearing/Bearing pinch is in that area?? Previously, the […]

NV4500 5 speed conversion for Dodge 5.7Lt Gas Pickup

Dodge Ram 2004 3/4 ton Automatic 4WD I am interested in converting this truck to manual transmission.I have seen you guys have a kit for diesel trucks, do you have a kit for the 5.7 Hemi motor available. Answer: We can offer the following conversion parts” Rebuilt NV4500 with 12 month factory warranty Bell housing […]

Part for OLD 1965 Transmission

Question: I am looking for a pair of these synchronizer rings for a 1965 Ford Mustang (6 cyl, 200 cu engine, 3 spd manual transmission): Apparently, they are the same used on Ford Falcons: Answer: Order part number MTCT96-14A HED MUSTANG 4 BOLT TOP COVER 2/3 SYNCRO RINGS your cost $20.00 each

Towing and S10, Smoking Transmission

I own a Chevrolet S10 1996 4.3L Manual 4WD Question: I was towing my s10 and it must have slipped into gear. During a 40 min tow it was not locked up. My late model s10 pulled it just fine than a guy flagged me down once I got back into my town cause smoke […]