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You will find below below a detailed list includes rebuilt transmissions, bearing rebuild kits with syncro rings and without synchro rings. Seals, bushings and washers, individual bearings, synchro rings and slider. Use our online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call 888-824-2014.

SR4 4 Speed Manual Transmission

Shift forks pads, gears, input shafts, cluster and main shafts, and miscellaneous parts. If you would like to save money ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

All of the products that we offer can be seen at To speak to a Drive Train Expert or to place and order call toll free 888-824-2012, buy factory direct and save money!

Midwest Transmission Center is an Automotive Re-builder and Re-manufacturer We Can Help You With Your SR4 Manual Transmission

Having issues determining the problems or fixing your SR4 4 Speed stick shift we can help. You will find an inventory of completed rebuilt SR4 Manual Transmissions in addition transmission parts at our facility. We offer rebuilt re-manufactured transmissions that are dyno tested. We provide a 1 year absolutely no hassle warranty. Midwest transmission has been doing automotive re-manufacturing and rebuilding business for 20 years, and delivering completed transmissions and transfer cases all over the world. To improve high quality Midwest was in fact one of the primary companies which included dyno testing of manual transmission prior to delivering as a final step in the product quality control procedure. Our company specializes in manual transmissions, automatic transmission and transfer cases. We will help with enhancing overall performance and complete conversion projects. Our Twenty-two employees delivered over 9000 units this past year. Guaranteed top quality and correct parts are delivered. You can see the entire line of products which we offer at

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Take Advantage of Our SR4 4 Speed manual transmission Expertise

The SR4 transmissions were used by both AMC Cars, Jeep, and Ford starting in the late 1974 up until the late 1981. This transmission has an aluminum case it is top loaded. The shifter is located on top of the extension housing, it has internal single rail linkage for shifting. This Borg Warner transmission uses ball bearings on the front input and rear main-shaft. The counter shaft has a shift/pin going through it, it is supported by needle bearings. The 1st and 2nd syncro rings are larger than the 3rd and 4th syncro rings. The unit will have casting numbers starting with 13-32 or 13-40. Need a stronger SR4, need more performance? We provide a cryo treating process to specific gears and shafts to add an additional 30% in strength to your unit. Call 888-824-2012 for a quote.

Below we provide an SR4 parts illustration to assist you with correct identification of the parts you need, Select the parts you require from the following list and give us a call.

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SR4 Rebuilt Transmissions

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
Rebuilt Manual Transmission
Ford Mustang V8 1974-1982 Cast #1332 MTFRD036 $1,200.00
Jeep1979-1981 4WD MTAJ008 $733.00
Core Charge on above Units $250.00

Bearing Rebuild Kits SR4

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
Bearing Kits w/0 Syncro Rings
N.I. Ford Mustang (74-78) (4 Cylinder) BK124 $52.50
N.I. Ford Mustang (76-78) (8 Cylinder) MWTBK125 $78.00
N.I. Mercury Capri (80-81) BK124 $52.50
N.I. AMC & Eagle (2WD) (76-82) BK124 $52.50
N.I. AMC & Eagle (4WD) (76-82) BK124J $65.95
N.I. Jeep (76-81) BK124J $65.95
Bearing Kits with Syncro Rings
N.I. Ford Mustang (74-78) (4 Cylinder) BK124WS $82.92
N.I. Ford Mustang (76-78) (8 Cylinder) BK125WS $84.26
N.I. Mercury Capri (80-81) BK124WS $82.92
N.I. AMC & Eagle (2WD) (76-82) BK124WS $82.92
N.I. AMC & Eagle (4WD) (76-82) BK124JWS $83.81
N.I. Jeep (76-81) BK124JWS $83.81

SR4 Gaskets, Seals, Small Parts, Bushings and Washers

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
Gaskets and Seal Kits
N.I. Gasket Kit RAD, SR4 TRSG247 $3.93
Gasket & Seal Kit Ford MWTK200100 $18.00
070B Front Seal TRS11111 $1.59
074B Rear Seal (Jeep 4WD) TRS18580 $1.99
073A Shift Shaft Seal TRS5510 $2.10
Tcase Adapter Seal Jeep 8.0 inch pinion seal MWT100263 $5.00
Small Parts Kits
N.I. Small Parts Kit MWTSP1103-50 $34.94
N.I. Extension Housing (1.500" OD ) (Except V8) TRSWT280-62 $3.59
N.I. Extension Housing (1.630" OD) (V8) TRSWT266-62 $4.15

SR4 Bearings

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
240B Input Bearing (.688 Thick) MWT6207-N $12.69
240B Input Bearing (.705 Thick) MWT6208-N $13.75
N.I. Rear Bearing MWT6307-N $16.66
220C Output Bearing (.668 Thick) MWT6207-N $12.69

SR4 Sliders and Syncro Rings

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
641C 1-2 Slider (32 T) TRS1332-070-005 $140.41
Synchronizer Components
701-2C 1-2 Synchro Key & Spring Kit TRST3-K1 $5.98
701C 1-2 Synchro Ring MWT1332-091-003 $9.93
703KC 3-4 Synchro Assembly TRS1332-590-004 $103.96
703-2C 3-4 Synchro Key & Spring Kit TRST3-K3 $5.98
703C 3-4 Synchro Ring MWT1332-091-002 $7.75

SR4 Forks

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
841-1A 1-2 & 3-4 Fork Insert 1352-127-008 $5.95

SR4 Gears

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
582C 2nd Gear (31 T) TRS1340-080-001 $26.96
582C 2nd Gear (32 T) MWT1332-080-005 $142.92
583C 3rd Gear (25 T) TRS1340-080-002 $118.98
583C 3rd Gear (26 T) TRS1332-080-006 $78.98
819C Reverse Idler Gear (18 T) MWT1340-584-001 $70.13
Reverse Gear 1/2 slider Main Shaft 32 T MWT1332-070-005 $142.10

SR4 Shafts

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
670B Input Shaft (2WD Jeep) (20 T) 9 3/8" TRS1340-085-002 $66.96
670B Input Shaft (2WD Jeep) (22 T) 9 3/8" TRS1340-085-003 $141.80
Input Ford 25 T MWT1332-085-009 $66.96
672C Main Shaft (4WD Jeep) (Includes 1-2 Synchro Assembly) MWT1340-671-006 $339.99
Cluster Gear with 37T 4th Gear Jeep MWT1340-077-002 NLA
Cluster Shaft Ford R30-26-21-15-15 MWT1332-077-005 $366.96
Counter Shaft Pin MWT1332-068-001 $65.95

SR4 Miscellaneous

Illustration Number Part Number Your Cost
Miscellaneous Components
832B Plastic Shift Saddle D4ZZ7K453B $6.67

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