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Below find a detailed list that includes rebuilt transmissions, bearing rebuild kits with syncro rings and without synchro rings that we can provide. Also availabele are seals, bushings and washers, individual bearings, hub & slider, synchro rings and ring kits. Shift components, shift forks, gears, input shafts, cluster and main shafts, shift components, bearing retainer, cases, clutches and miscellaneous parts.

NV5600 Shopping CartUse our online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart and proceed to check out. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call 888-824-2014 , if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

Midwest Transmission an automotive parts rebulider and re-manufacturer can help you with your NV5600

If you would like to save money ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

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Midwest Transmission Center is an Automotive Re-builder and Re-manufacturer We Can Help You With Your NV5600 Manual Transmission
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Having issues figuring out problems or repairing your Dodge NV5600 6 Speed stick shift we can help. You will find there's large inventory of completed rebuilt NV5600 Manual Transmissions plus transmission parts. We offer manufacturing plant rebuilt re-manufactured units that are dyno tested. We provide a 12 month absolutely no hassle warranty. Midwest transmission has been doing automotive re-manufacturing and rebuilding business for 20 years, and shipping completed products around the world. To enhance high quality Midwest was initially among the first companies that included dyno testing of manual transmission prior to shipping as a final step in the product quality control process. We specialize in manual transmissions, automatic transmission and transfer cases. We can help with improving overall performance and conversions. Our 22 employees shipped over 9000 units this past year. Guaranteed quality and correct parts supplied. You can see the entire line of products which we offer at www.midwesttrans.com.

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discount manual transmission nv5600The NV5600 transmissions were used by Dodge in Ram diesel series pickup trucks starting in 1998 The NV5600 is an end loaded cast iron case and aluminum removable bell section 6 speed transmission. This transmission is a fully synchronized unit with all brass synchronizer rings in all gears. The NV5600 is a heavy-duty 6 speed is used in Dodge diesel trucks starting in 1998. The forward gears are fully synchronized, this unit has an aluminum bell housing, with a cast iron case and extension housing, the shifer is top mounted. The NV5600 weighs 360 lbs. and is provided in both 2 & 4WD. The transmission can handle Dodge diesel pickups with a gross combined hauling weight of 26,000 pounds. Need to pull more weight need more performance? We provide a cryo treating process to specific gears and shafts to add an additional 30% in strength to your unit. Call 888-824-2012 for a quote.

Below we provide an NV5600 parts illustrations (2 pages) to assist you with correct identification of the parts you need, Select the parts you require from the following list and give us a call.


NV5600 Shopping Cart

Use our Online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call toll free 888-824-2014 , if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), these parts are identified with a number ending in "U" they are inspected and guaranteed.


NV5600 Rebuilt Transmissions

Dwg #
Part Number
Your Cost
Manual Transmission
Manual Transmission Rebuilt 2WD 1998-Up
Manual Transmission Rebuilt NV5600 4WD 1998-Up
Core Charge on above Transmissions

Bearing Rebuild Kits NV5600

Description Part Number Your Cost
Bearing Rebuild Kits
Bearing Rebuild Kits w/o Syncro Rings NV5600 (99-00) MWT-492
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/Needle Bearings and Friction Blockers MWT-492NWS
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/Syncro Rings (01-05) MWT-492WS

NV5600 Seals & Bushings

260-1G Seal Input (Early) 100256
Seal Adapter (4WD) TRS424077
Seal Front CR14703
260-1G Seal Input (Early) 100256
Seal Input Late 2000-UP Samari TC Rear Output CR14703
Seal Rear (2WD) NV21938
697C Bushing Counter Shaft 3rd/4th NV16804
697B Bushing Counter Shaft 3rd/4th NV16804A
Bushing Shift Rail 5003579AA
697C Bushing Tail NV18172

NV5600 Bearings

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Bearing Counter Shaft LM48510/LM48548 K5
606E Bearing Pocket does not include race NP565130
Bearing Shaft Main Cone (Center) TRS424212-2
Bearing & Race Counter Shaft (Center) HM804810
267C Bearing & Race Input Pocket 32605JR
260-1G Bearing Center Main Shaft 45290
Bearing Counter Shaft Cup (Front) 25590
260-3G Bearing Counter Shaft Race (Front) 25520
Bearing Counter Shaft Rear NP879380
587E Bearing Front Counter Shaft LM102949
Bearing Input HM804849
Bearing Needle (1st & 2nd) NV22769
672D Bearing Needle (6th) NV22759
Bearing Needle (Reverse Idler) NV26679
795E Bearing Needle Counter Shaft (3rd & 4th) NV16804
Bearing Needle Kit TRS424271
Bearing Needle Reverse NV16803
Bearing Race Center Counter Shaft NP4882000
240-2C Bearing Race Center Main Shaft 45220
848A Bearing Shaft Main (Rear) 6209N
Bearing Needle Reverse Idler NV22871
586C Brearing Race Front Counter Shaft LM102910
Bearing Race Inner, Reverse TRS424279-1
Bearing Race Inner 1st TRS424271-1

NV5600 Hub and Sliders

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Hub Synchro Reverse NV22881
Hub 1-2 TRS424606A
Hub 5-6 TRS424606E
Hub Reverse TRS424606F
N.I. Slider (All) 424641
Slider (All) NV45140

NV5600 Syncro Components

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Syncro Components
Syncro Ring Kit 2001-Up only RK5600
Synchro Assembly 1-2 NV22777
701-5F Synchro Assembly 3-4 NV22799
Synchro Assembly 5-6 NV22762
Synchro Assembly Reverse w/Snap Ring NV22880
Synchro Cone, 1-2 Inner TRS424701-1
Synchro Key, Spring, and Ball Kit TRS302703-2K
Synchro Outer Blocker Ring 3 piece NV22761
Synchro, 1-6, Reverse (Middle) (Fiber) (Exc. Early w. Serrated Bottom) NV44548
Synchro, 1-6, Reverse (Outer) (Metal) NV22761
582D Syncro Ball (ALL) GM14082095
Syncro Blocker Inner 1-6 NV32470
Syncro Center Blocker 1-6 (7REQ) NV44548
533F Syncro Dog GM8672123
Syncro Spring (All) NV29094

NV5600 Forks

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Fork & Rail 3/4 Assembly NV26702
Fork & Rail 5/6 Assembly NV26704
Fork & Rail Assembly 1/2 NV27846
Fork 1-2 NV26703
Fork 5-6 TRS424843
Fork Reverse NV22884
279H Fork Shift Bracket NV22844

NV5600 Gears

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Gear 1st (39 T) Main Shaft NV22784
Gear 1st 2001-Up Late Main Shaft NV22785
Gear 2nd Shaft Main(39 T) NV22720
Gear 2nd Shaft Main(39 T) 2001-Up NV22771
701-1D Gear 3rd Counter Shaft (28 T) NV22794
Gear 3rd Counter Shaft 2001-UP NV22795
Gear 4th Counter Shaft (36 T) NV22803
Gear 4TH Counter Shaft (Late) NV22804
Gear 5th Counter Shaft (45 T) NV26164
Gear 6th Counter Shaft (57 T) NV26165
Gear 6th Counter Shaft 1998-Up NV22757
676G Gear 6th Shaft Main(24 T) NV22756
267C Gear Reverse Main Shaft (39 T) NV22886
Gear Reverse Counter Shaft NV22876
Gear Reverse Idler NV22873

NV5600 Shafts

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Shaft Input (1 1/4" Spline) 424670A
Shaft Input (1 1/8") 98-MID 01 NV29489
Shaft Input 1 3/8" (Late) 26T Mid 01-Up NV22748
Shaft Counter NV26166
Shaft Counter (w/o Press on Gears) TRS424676
Shaft Main (2WD) NV26222
Shaft Main(4WD) NV26221
Shaft Reverse Idler NV22869

NV5600 Bearing Retainer

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Bearing Retainer
Retainer Front 424724
215E Retainer Input (Early) 98- MID 01 NV22863
Retainer Input 1 3/8" (Late) Mid 01-UP NV29494

NV5600 Shift Components

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Shift Components
Shift Arm NV33979
Shift Lug 5/Reverse NV43277
Shift Shaft Socket NV22813
Shifter (03-Up) 424831
Bolt, Shifter TRS334775
Rail Shift NV27843
Rail (Fork) Reverse NV25413
277E Detent Plunger (Long) 1-05003589AA
276C Detent Plunger (Short) Lever Valve 4761094

NV5600 Cases Housings

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Cases, Housings, Bellhousings & Extensions
724B Housing Bell NV22732
Housing Extentsion 4X4 5003586AA
N.I. Housing Rear Extension 4X2 NV22738
Housing Rear Extension 4X4 NV23079
Case Main NV22725

NV5600 Miscellaneous

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Coupler Reverse Sleeve NV27313
Drain Plug NV21401
Nut, Main Shaft NV27663
Oil Baffel 5015205AA $96.00
Oil Baffle Front Counter Shaft 5012111AB
Oil Guide, Inner (1 2/8" Input) 5015205AA
Oil Guide, Outer (1 1/16" Input) NV29094
Oil Guide, Outer (1 3/8" Input) 5012113AA
Pin Solid for Crossover Link 5010083AA
Plug Drain NV21401
Roll Pin 5010084AA
Roll Pin 5012135AA
Roll Pin Shift Finger Main Shaft 5010082AB
271E Roll Pin Shift Pod/Reverse 4741139
Shim for Early Syncro Rings NV44548-E
Shim Kit Input NV26263
Shim Kit, Cluster (Front) NV26281
279-1E Shim Kit, Cluster (Rear) NV20743
Sleeve Reverse Bearing Needle NV27340
Sleeve Reverse Bearing Needle 1st Gear NV27341
760B Snap Ring 1st Gear 424860K
N.I. Snap Ring (Front Main Shaft) NV22768
705KC Snap Ring (Rear Main Shaft) NV22789
Snap Ring Front Counter Shaft NV24748
Snap Ring Front Main Shaft Kit NV24741
Snap Ring Pocket Brearing 9-09180-025-0
066B Snap Ring, Cluster 424860G
Spacer Reverse Idler NV22872
260-1G Spacer, Bearing Needle , 3rd 424208
Washer Reverse Idler NV22870
Washer Reverse Thrust NV22889
701KD Washer Thrust 1st Gear NV22787
Washer Thrust 2/3 Counter Shaft Early Plastic NV36688E
Washer Thrust 2/3 Counter Shaft Late Style Steel NV36688L
Washer Thrust 3rd Gear NV26900
845A Washer Thrust 3rd Gear Plastic 5019908AA

NV5600 Clutch

Dwg # Description Part Number
Your Cost
Clutch & Hydraulics
N.I. Clutch 05-101
Clutch & Flywheel 1-3/8" Input 475-650HP SB SDD3250-6
211E Clutch HI Performance 475 HP 1000 Lbs Torque 1947-OFE
586-1F Master and Slave Cylinder UpGearaded Dodge HYDX750

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