Core Return Policy

This policy is put forward to ensure that all customers understand the core return policy at the time of the purchase. These policies will be in effect when a core is returned to Midwest Transmission Center.

automatic transmission rebuilt

All return cores must be completely assembled and drained of all fluid.

External Cracks and holes in cases are not eligible for full core credit; cases that have holes or are cracked may be eligible to receive a reduced core credit. Check with your sales person at the time of the order for estimated core value. Customized items and special order items are not returnable.

Cores must be the same model as the new unit received by customer, unless approved by the sales staff member and noted as such on the original invoice

Outbound freight will be charged on the invoice, if a call/pick up tag for the core is requested. The freight for the core will be deducted from core deposit and or charged back to customer credit card.

Cores should be returned in original shipping containers, if received on a pallet the core is to be returned on a pallet for protection. All cores must be returned within 30 days. Unless so stated on original invoice. If you are returning an item call  888-824-2012 for a Return Good Authorization (RGA) which is to be placed inside the box, alongside place a copy of the original invoice, and your contact information. Please allow at least 30 days to receive your core refund.

Below are Examples of Core damage charge value:

$50.00 per case half for $250.00 cores

$100.00 per case half for $350.00

$200.00 per case half for $500.00 cores

NP273 part number TCCRY024 and TCCRY023 front case damage is $300.00 and rear case damage is $100.00

ALL ZF UNITS $600.00 broke case/bell housing

ZF 6 Speed bell housing damage is $600.00

NV5600 6 Speed case damage is $750

G56 6 Speed bell housing damage is $650.00

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