1987 Ford Range make Whine & Zoom Noise

Ford Ranger 1987 2.9L 4WD


I rebuilt it, and found someone else had rebuilt it before. Everything works great, Shifts good and smooth.. However, I am getting a lot of Whine and ZOOM sound in 1st & 2nd, If you could maybe direct me to which area/Bearing/Bearing pinch is in that area?? Previously, the last worker messed up a sink Alignment and it rattled a lot. But no Whine. Third was hard to get Previously as well. That is now fixed. Some Shaft that spins with 1st and 2nd separately must be to tight or something, just looking for a possible go to idea.


It is very hard to diagnose without seeing it. I would assume it is very quiet in 4th gear but has noise in all other gears?

If so it is a input and cluster gear issue.. It would be very unlikely to be a 1st/2nd gear problem.  When you get it open send photos and give me a call toll free 888-824-2012 and I can assist you with the inspection.


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