I have a Ford Bronco Custom 1989, 5.0L 1/2 to manual transmission 4WD


I have been fixing up a 1989 Bronco Custom that has passed through a few hands before me, with little to no history of what to has been done on it in the past except that a “new” transmission was put in (assuming rebuilt or taken from another vehicle). I am having an issue where when starting in first gear and letting the clutch out, the shifter handle pulls pretty strongly to the right. No other gear does this. All the bolts on the transmission cover are tight and I had installed a shifter bushing rebuild kit. Any ideas on what’s going on? Is it something to worry about?


My first guess is the vehicle has bad motor mounts.  Starting the vehicle from a stop applies the most torque to the drivetrain compared to the other gears, which would be why you notice it in 1st gear.  So when you let out on the clutch to take off, both the engine and the transmission are twisting.  That would be the first thing I would look at.  If there are no other issues with the transmission, that would be the likely cause.  Let us know what you find, if you  need more help once the transmission is open just give me a call 888-824-2012


Adam Rothen

Sales and Technical Support

Midwest Transmission Center, Inc